Monday, July 6, 2009

For a number of years, U.S. Congressman Peter King has made his name in the headlines, and on TV, most notably as a social commentator of sorts. So when I saw HIS name of all in the next headline, I remembered why only rubes and children under the ago of 9 believe in the true value of any of our three branches of Government.

With New York among a number of states broke and unable to vouch for their problems with reasonable ideas, Congress again takes to wasting the taxpayers money and their own time making up reasons to claim victory in their next campaigns.

Two weeks ago it was presenting a "non binding resolution" that "apologizes for slavery" in the United States. To condemn a 400 year old act is as wrong as the fact that it ever happened....but I digress.

This time it was not in the name of Congress; but strictly in the name of Headlines...did Rep. Peter King (R-NY) post this video on YouTube.

Among the best lines was: "This guy was a pervert; a child molester; a pedophile; and to be giving this guy coverage day in and day outl what does it say about us as a country?" "...And what are we glorifying him for?" "Doctors, the men and women in Iraq; those are the people we should be honiring", he said, "Not some pervert like Michael Jackson."

To Mr Peter King: The Life of Michael Jackson will be celebrated Tomorrow in the Staples Center in Los Angeles by fans who choose to remember what he gave to them: the music. This has NOTHING to do with the man's private life...because that is exactly the way he intended to keep it...private.
And for the record: Whether the man had a childhood or not; whether he was "weird" top you or not...does not matter. As a man of justice and the law, you should be the first to know that he was NEVER convicted of such a crime. His only crime was being rich and trying to help the poor. Their crime: Taking advantage beyond offer.
It's a great shame to you and what you do to make such tremendous allegations.
Shame on you, Mr. King. You're better than that.

Next Time I'll be Mad about Sarah Palin. Until then.

Password Protection

If there is one thign I know about the online blogging process it's that passwords are generally well protected. I say this not as a challenge; but as a concession to the fact that I have been unable to access this account since I last promised a regular blog.
That promise obviously failed me.
Now comes the next chapter. I have a ton of back log; and I'm not really sure whether or not to keep going straight into the new or to play catch-up.

At the moment, my plan is to stay current...
But be sure to check out the classics; as plenty will be thrown in.

Upcoming this summer will include concert reviews; the Death of a Legend and the passing of the female Dan Quayle in the political world.

I made promises before and let people down. Now let's just see what happens. :)

Friday, October 3, 2008

LaVell Crawford; LoveFest; and Bluegrass..a Busy San Fran Weekend

This weekend is sure to be an action-packed weekend in San Francisco with plenty of events to choose from.
The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival, the 8th Annual Event (begun back in 2001 on one stage in front of 20,000 as "Strictly Bluegrass"), is expected to host up to 750,000 people over the next three days. The event features music all day from 11am-7pm on five stages Saturday and Sunday; events scattered throughout the afternoon on two stages for Friday. Close to 70 bands in all will play. Get the complete schedule with maps at

The event kicks off Friday Morning with a special program just for kids featuring....M.C. Hammer?!? (Check out this week's "The Onion" for an "uncomfortable" MC Hammer interview.)
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss featuring T-Bone Burnett finalize Friday's festivities on the Banjo Stage at 5:15 p.m.
Hardly Strictly Bluegrass at Speedway, Marx, Lindley and Sharon Meadows; Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. All day 11am-7pm, Fri.-Sun. All days, events free.
Meanwhile, have fun scattering through downtown this weekend. Depending on where you are and when, you will most likely end up inside San Francisco's fast growing Electronic Music Festival and Parade, LoveFest. Parade scheduled for Saturday beginning at 2nd and Market to Civic Center Plaza. Get complete information at

But, most likely this weekend you're going to want to do what's best for your body. Because, after all, isn't that what we all want? Why not run the 28th Annual Bridge to Bridge Run this Sundayin San Francisco? Get your running shoes on and train now! (Well, hopefully, you've been training your ass off. Otherwise, there's always Bay to Breakers....)

If all this generosity and music leaves you with any comedy budget left before the end of the weekend, I highly recommend you go see Lavell Crawford. He's playing at Cobb's Comedy Club all this weekend in San Francisco. I caught the first night of his run and may I say he is terrific. You might not think as a skinny white boy I wouldn't "get" a big black dude (I dont know why you would think that, but anyway....); but he reaches out and touches all demographics. He's got some funny stories about white boys and the way they handle their parents, too; I'll tell you what. If you saw this man on NBC's Last Comic Standing; then you already know. Go see him. If you missed him on the show; this is the Uncensored Version. If you saw him on BET's ComicView, come check out his look at San Francisco. He gives you honesty, humility, and a whole night of humor in an hour and a half.

Lavell Crawford at Cobb's Comedy Club. Fri, Sat. 8pm; 10:15. Sun, 8pm. $20.50-$23.50

I'll be back later with a look at the Vice Presidential Debate; and a review of another weekend in Mad Frisco.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

LIVE Blog --- Presidential Debate #1 HIGHLIGHTS

Well, first off, let me say that I intended on being ready to start taking notes during the "pre-game show"...but it took me until 6:15 PST to rush home in time to have missed that first five minutes. Luckily for us, it was a knock=down, drag-out 96-minute prizefight... the old man playing "champion" to the democrat's "challenger" throughout most of moderator Jim Lehrer's questioning.

Before I give you a few samples of the minute-by-minute analysis; let me tell you a little bit about the personalities revealed last night during America's biggest "job interview."
The event revealed a fire in McCain; a never-ending burn that might have began back in Vietnam. The one that will never go away, the one of one who knows what the whole world faces; and not just the United States, on a daily basis. It says that he understands how terrorists play politics. It says that just when you think your safe; he knows the pieces do not yet fit. It revealed his ability to recognize the feelings that go with losing a war; to show how few Americans understand such a concept.
It revealed his frustration with an America raging with idealism in an attempt to make Americans "understand" how much we "have to fear" in terms of how little our overseas allies even think of us. He seemed to believe that Obama represents this false ideology that represents what we all want..but John McCain doesnt believe is easily accessible.
McCain: "I believe America is better off now than it was on 9/11/"
Obama: "I believe America is less respected than it was 8 years ago."
Obama made it very clear that he and McCain esseentially want the same things. Being what Obama wants isn't terribly realistic to Republicans; the spin room began preparing next week's debate to make it look like a battle of logistics vs. practical revolutionaries. Now let's look for a bit at a few minutes of the debate itself:
18: McCain's response to a question about taxes:"I didn't win Ms. Congeniality in the Senate."
22: McCain questions Obama's definition of "rich" in tax code terms: $250,000/year or less would mean untaxed under Obama. (He then later said this was 95% of Americans.)
23: Earmark issues come up with Obama attacking McCain's earmark approval record. McCain turns it right around on him and cites legislation he signed which would have raised average taxes $2000 + per family. Obama: "It's just not true." I gotta admit I wished he had come back with clarified specific examples.
25: McCain looks down at his podium again while Obama answers confidently to the camera and the eyes of moderator Jim Lehrer. I know what this feeling is like. I too have skipped homework. This paints the picture of an uneducated child in an old man's angry bitter beaten body. Hardly a professional patriot prepared for philosophical battle.
27: Obama points out health care deductibles went up 30% for the average American this year.
28: He then talks of infrastructure rebuilding plans for his presidential budget. McCain blasts Obama's spending record saying "Obama has the most liberal record in the Senate. It's impossible for someone with his record to swing all the way to the right and compromise across partylines."
29 McCain points to the Senate where a number of high-spending bills were approved then shelved when even the big spenders realized there was a big problem with the logistics of spending. Calls out Obama's history of fiscal irresponsibility.
31 Obama's first response: "Me being liberal is just fighting George Bush's wacky policy." Great stuff.
32 I notice Obama keeps saying "When I become President..."
33 McCain's attack on Obama's record grows..McCain suggests a spending freeze with the exception of emergency..military and defense costs always covered.
33 Obama responds by taking money from the military; distributing those funds elsewhere/
34 McCain finishes his spending plan by proposing nuke plants in many as 30 by 2030.
35 McCain says "I want Americans to decide (on) their health care programs. Not the government." (Editor's Note: I, for one, Mr. McCain, need help getting health care. Whatcha gonna do about me?") "I have plans to reduce wasteful spending."
Obama: "But it was your man who supported this orgy of spending. After 8 years of frivolous spending Jim; John; that's a bit hard to swallow."
McCain: "I didnt win Ms. Congeniality in the Senate." GEE, that line sounds awful familiar.

Spending issues turn overseas and to the war. After 4000 deaths in Iraq, Obama claims Al-Qaeda is now back to being as strong as it was in 2001. Iraq stands today with a $75 billion surplus. Obama claims they need no further help or attention from us. Contends it is time to concentrate those efforts on our economy right here at home. There becomes a fundamental difference btwn the two from the perspective of who's winning the war, and where the war should be fought.
"The war on terrorism started in Afghanistan and should end (there)", Sen. Obama says. McCain responds by revealing Obama's responsibilities in the senate including a chairmanship of a sub-committee which keeps in contact with Gen. Petraeus monitoring the war. McCain claims Obama talks big but never once has used his position of power to create real dialogue with Gen. Petraeus and blasts Obama for never having visited Iraq.
McCain refuses to let the war go. He says it would mean that our kids may have to go back, and worse; it would mean to some that those 4000 soldiers have died in vain. He says Gen. Petraeus has measured our successes as "fragile", implying that if we were to just would undo everything done and quietly push the society into a further underground of terrorist operation.
Obama changes the subject a bit to conflicts with other outstanding countries. He brings up the idea of invading Pakistan on the way out of the middle east. McCain reacts as if this was literally out of left field by saying "You can't just SAY that. Ifyou have to , you do what you got to do. But you don't tell them." It follows the same logic fighting against a middle east exit date strategy.
Obama says that McCain can't feel seriously credible saying these kind of things when in the past he has said we should wipe North Korea into extinction and sang songs about bombing Iran.
The final 15 minutes are spent discussing philosophy and world views.

Obama speaks to middle class America, proclaiming his intention to help those in need of a house loan, car payment, or the return of a deployed husband or wife or brother or sister at war.
McCain speaks to the rich and to the disillusioned military families of America who think that spoiled suit pockets like those of John McCain and George Bush are worth fighting for. He states that he'll "protect"them. He just wants to send them into harm's way.
I suppose we all see hear and feel different things at the end of the day when these speeches are over. I can only end by saying what I wish you heard for yourself and your country, was a hope that simply wasn't there yesterday. I'll be back next week for the 1st Vice Presidential Debate.

The Mad Frisco Chronicles, Introduction

First of all, for those of you actually reading this thing, Matt writes again. This is the project I've spoke of on myspace to be revealed to the world for my 25th birthday. Remember all those weird poems and thoughts I always shared with you before I just stopped sharing one day? Those thoughts never died my friends; they were just paralyzed. Put on hold. So let's get back what's been lost..... and this time, without the stage fright. With all that said ... STAY TUNED.
Classic blogs ... and I mean years of unreleased material; is coming.

Life as I know it stopped for a while as a lot of you might have noticed. For any of you who find this thinking I forgot any of you people; I just went into hiding for a few years' sleep. I am happy to announce with confidence I feel back to normal. (Now if I can manage to gain employment I'll really be back to normal.)
I close my opening article with a bit of a plea: HELP! Being that I got so good at just not doing anything, feel free to write me and just kick my ass every once in a while. My friend Dustin once wrote "Go out and do something cool so you can write about it." So if any of you are in San Francisco; don't forget, I never left. I'm an E-Mail away. To those of you who think I forgot about you; I never did.

This is as much of a blog intro article as much as my return to my art-form. My return from my 3 1/2 year self-imposed, yet very self mis-understood hiatus. It's like my hands refused to move with pen in hand and there was nothing I could do about it.
So life begins again today as it did on those days before ...I... just went away for a while. It's like I was 18 all over again. That said,
I'm trying to go to school to get into this shit so as I get more articles up ... HELP! Pass it on!
This world can go without Frisco no longer. Hahahahaha.