Monday, July 6, 2009

For a number of years, U.S. Congressman Peter King has made his name in the headlines, and on TV, most notably as a social commentator of sorts. So when I saw HIS name of all in the next headline, I remembered why only rubes and children under the ago of 9 believe in the true value of any of our three branches of Government.

With New York among a number of states broke and unable to vouch for their problems with reasonable ideas, Congress again takes to wasting the taxpayers money and their own time making up reasons to claim victory in their next campaigns.

Two weeks ago it was presenting a "non binding resolution" that "apologizes for slavery" in the United States. To condemn a 400 year old act is as wrong as the fact that it ever happened....but I digress.

This time it was not in the name of Congress; but strictly in the name of Headlines...did Rep. Peter King (R-NY) post this video on YouTube.

Among the best lines was: "This guy was a pervert; a child molester; a pedophile; and to be giving this guy coverage day in and day outl what does it say about us as a country?" "...And what are we glorifying him for?" "Doctors, the men and women in Iraq; those are the people we should be honiring", he said, "Not some pervert like Michael Jackson."

To Mr Peter King: The Life of Michael Jackson will be celebrated Tomorrow in the Staples Center in Los Angeles by fans who choose to remember what he gave to them: the music. This has NOTHING to do with the man's private life...because that is exactly the way he intended to keep it...private.
And for the record: Whether the man had a childhood or not; whether he was "weird" top you or not...does not matter. As a man of justice and the law, you should be the first to know that he was NEVER convicted of such a crime. His only crime was being rich and trying to help the poor. Their crime: Taking advantage beyond offer.
It's a great shame to you and what you do to make such tremendous allegations.
Shame on you, Mr. King. You're better than that.

Next Time I'll be Mad about Sarah Palin. Until then.

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